Become A Day Trader

Become A Day Trader



  • Introduction to markets: An overview of the largest market in the world and its characteristics
  • Trading basics  –Familiarization with the basics of trading, familiarization with many important trading terms, how to do the first step in trading.
  • Beginners Strategies: new strategies and new ways to maximize profit.
  • The World of Global Trading: An overview of the trading market, different financial instruments explained and the main factors that drives the market.
  • Trading Psychology :
  •   Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence while trading, how to deal with the hatred of loss, psychological tools to improve mental behavior as a trader.
  • Capital Management:

    Why capital management is a must, the most important rules of capital management, how does individual can tailor the best capital management for himself?
  • Market Analysis :

    Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, Chart types and Dow’s theory.
  • Basic Technical analysis:

    Most common price patterns, Trends types, Support and resistance
  • Advanced Technical Analysis: you’ll practice pattern recognition and advanced technical analysis techniques
  • Advanced Strategies: Each strategy includes: How to identify, time frame, recommended pairs, used indicators, when to enter, when to exit, examples.
  • Glossary




  • Introduction to markets
  • Trading Basics 
  • Beginners Strategies
  • Glossary
  • The world of Global Trading
  • Trading Psychology
  • Capital Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Basic Technical analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Strategies

The Day Trader  education Package includes an introduction to the basics of investing, trading, and markets.  The student is introduced first to the most lucrative financial markets around the world, such as stock markets, bond markets, and the currency markets.

The Package covers advance lessons about various trading/investing tools and concepts and trading startegies/  This course covers topics including advanced trading instruments.